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Opening Blocked Fallopian Tubes – Surgical vs. Natural

Blocked Tubes and Infertility

As the place where natural conception occurs, the fallopian tubes are truly the place where life begins. Due to their location and size, fallopian tubes can become blocked from pelvic scars or adhesions. Together, these “mechanical causes” account for about 40% of all female infertility. Tubes can block near the uterus (proximal), by the ovary (distal) or in the middle of the tube (mid-tubal). In some cases, the tube swell with a fluid in a condition called hydrosalpinx.  While a single blocked tube impairs fertility, blockage of both tubes causes total infertility.

Until recently, the only options for women with blocked tubes were to undergo surgery to open one or both tubes, or to remove the blocked tubes, and proceed directly to in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is often the recommended course that infertility specialists offer to women with hydrosalpinx.

Natural Treatment – The Wurn Technique
Several medical journals have now examined a manual physical therapy (Wurn Technique®) for its ability to open and return function to totally blocked fallopian tubes, including hydrosalpinx. The “hands-on” treatment opened tubes in most of the study participants, without surgery or drugs. Most of the successes had natural pregnancies and births after therapy. Several reported subsequent pregnancies/births, so the positive results lasted for years for these women. In other published studies, the therapy significantly decreased pelvic and intercourse pain, and improved sexual function. The therapy can be used as a stand-alone infertility treatment or in conjunction with regular medical care.

Surgical Treatment vs. Natural Treatment
In comparing the treatment options for opening blocked fallopian tubes, we find the following results:

Pros and cons of the Wurn Technique, a hands-on physical therapy:

  • Pros of the Wurn Technique
    • Requires no drugs
    • Requires no surgery
    • Published studies and citations show good results
    • Lower risks and costs than surgery
    • Results can last for years – allowing for several natural pregnancies
    • Success opening blockages throughout the tube (proximal, mid-tubal, distal)
  • Cons of the Wurn Technique
    • Few US clinic locations (Florida, California, Washington DC)
    • Limited published data

Pros and cons of surgery to open blocked fallopian tubes:

  • Pros of Surgery
    • Many studies have been published documenting its success
    • Has good success in opening blockages that are near the uterus
  • Cons of Surgery
      • Higher risks and costs than the Wurn Technique
      • Risk of damaging other tissues or organs during surgery
      • Poor results opening tubes blocked beyond the uterus (mid-tubal or distal)
      • Repair of blockage near the uterus gives a limited time to conceive
      • Removal of the tube is permanent
      • Possible side effects from anesthesia

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