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Understanding Chronic Pain

Non-Surgical, Drug-Free Pain Relief at Clear Passage®️

When it comes to pain relief, Clear Passage®️ offers non-surgical and drug-free treatments for a variety of conditions. Our gentle, hands-on therapies have provided relief to countless individuals, helping them regain control of their lives and well-being. Explore our effective treatments for the following conditions:

Back & Hip Pain

Pain-Free Living Chronic back and hip pain can be debilitating, but surgery is not your only option. Clear Passage®️ offers non-surgical manual therapy to decrease adhesions and restore comfort. Say goodbye to persistent pain and enjoy life to the fullest.

Childhood Surgery & Trauma

Healing for Life Childhood surgery or trauma can lead to lifelong discomfort. Our non-surgical therapies are suitable for both children and adults, providing relief from adhesions caused by early life events. We offer a safe, dignified environment for healing.

Migraines/Chronic Headaches

Natural Relief Migraines and chronic headaches can be relentless, but you don’t need to rely on drugs. Clear Passage®️ therapists have successfully treated severe and recurring headaches naturally for over two decades. Discover the freedom of a drug-free life.

Myofascial Pain

Effective Solutions Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) affects millions, but relief is within reach without drugs or surgery. Our non-surgical manual therapy targets adhesions responsible for myofascial pain, offering an effective solution for pain management.

Neck Pain

Improved Quality of Life Persistent neck pain can disrupt your daily activities. Clear Passage®️ provides non-surgical therapy to address the root causes of your neck pain. Our hands-on approach can reduce adhesions and improve your quality of life.

Pain after Physical or Sexual Abuse

Compassionate Care Pain resulting from physical or sexual abuse requires sensitive and compassionate care. At Clear Passage®️, we offer a safe and dignified environment for therapy, with an emphasis on healing and understanding. Take the first step toward relief and recovery.

Post-Radiation Pain

Comprehensive Relief Post-radiation pain can be challenging, but surgery isn’t the only answer. Our non-surgical therapy aims to alleviate adhesions and pain associated with post-radiation treatments. Regain your comfort and well-being without invasive procedures.

Tailbone (Coccyx) Pain

Targeted Treatment Tailbone pain can be excruciating, but you can find relief without surgery. Clear Passage®️ therapists use their expertise to gently address adhesions in the tailbone area, providing relief and restoring your quality of life.


Restoring Function TMJ/TMD can disrupt your daily life, but surgery is not your only option. Our non-surgical approach targets adhesions and discomfort associated with this condition. Regain proper jaw function and alleviate pain with our therapy.

Discover the power of non-surgical, drug-free pain relief at Clear Passage®️. Our therapies are designed to help you live a life free from pain, offering lasting relief and improved well-being.

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