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Non-Surgical Solutions: A Path to Pain Relief

Chronic pain can be both debilitating and frustrating. At Clear Passage®️, we offer non-surgical, drug-free treatments to help individuals find relief from a range of conditions. Explore our effective therapies for various forms of pain:

Back & Hip Pain

Regain Mobility Persistent back and hip pain can disrupt daily life. Our non-surgical manual therapy targets adhesions, reducing discomfort and improving mobility. Live pain-free and rediscover the activities you love.

Childhood Surgery & Trauma

Gentle Healing Surgery and trauma in childhood can lead to lifelong adhesions and discomfort. Our non-surgical approach uses manual physio/physical therapy to release adhesions caused by early life events. Find relief and healing.

Migraines/Chronic Headaches

Natural Solutions Migraines and chronic headaches can be relentless. Clear Passage®️ therapists have over two decades of experience in drug-free, non-surgical treatments. Discover how we address the mechanical factors contributing to your pain.

Myofascial Pain

Effective Relief Myofascial pain syndrome (MPS) affects millions. Our non-surgical therapy specifically targets the adhesions responsible for myofascial pain. Experience relief when other treatments fall short.

Neck Pain

Alleviating Discomfort Persistent neck pain can hinder daily activities. Clear Passage®️ offers non-surgical therapy to address the root causes of your neck pain. Our hands-on approach reduces adhesions, enhancing your quality of life.

Pain after Physical or Sexual Abuse

Sensitive Care Pain stemming from physical or sexual abuse demands special care. We provide a secure and dignified environment for therapy, prioritizing sensitivity and understanding. Let us assist you on your path to healing.

Post-Radiation Pain

Holistic Relief Radiation therapy can lead to lasting discomfort. Our non-surgical approach focuses on alleviating adhesions and pain associated with post-radiation treatments. Reclaim your comfort and well-being.

Tailbone (Coccyx) Pain

Targeted Treatment Tailbone pain can be excruciating. Clear Passage®️ therapists utilize their expertise to gently address adhesions in the tailbone area, offering relief without surgery. Live pain-free and enjoy life to the fullest.


Restoring Function TMJ/TMD can disrupt your daily life. Our non-surgical approach targets adhesions and discomfort associated with this condition. Regain proper jaw function and alleviate pain through our therapy.

Discover the power of non-surgical, drug-free treatments for these diverse conditions at Clear Passage®️. Our dedicated therapists are here to help you find comfort and improve your quality of life, naturally.

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