Can Abdominal Scar Tissue Cause Pain?

We recently received a question from one of our readers asking, “Can abdominal scar tissue cause pain?” Since this question deals with a condition that can have life-threatening consequences, we decided to answer it in a post.

The answer is yes. Bands of scar tissue in the abdomen, called abdominal adhesions, can cause debilitating pain and the life-threatening condition called bowel obstruction.

Scar tissue in the abdomen forms as the body heals from an infection or inflammation, such as cholecystitis or gastroenteritis. Abdominal adhesions also form after surgical procedures like appendectomy, bowel obstruction repair or gastric bypass. In a bowel obstruction, adhesions prevent liquids, food and gas from moving through the intestines. If untreated, this condition can be fatal.

Patients who present with abdominal adhesions typically arrive at our clinics in a state of frustration. With an extensive surgical history, many have spent years searching for a solution to the recurring problems caused by abdominal adhesions. With each surgery to remove adhesions leading to more adhesions, they feel trapped in a vicious cycle of adhesions-surgery-adhesions.

Our therapists use a natural approach to treat scar tissue in the abdomen. Using their hands and a protocol of over 200 manual therapy techniques, they decrease adhesions by detaching the individual strands that make up these internal scars. As a result, our therapy allows bowel obstruction patients avoid additional surgery and subsequent adhesion formation.

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