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Overcoming the Fear of Another Ectopic Pregnancy

“In early 2004, I became pregnant for the first time,” Savannah told us. “But my husband and I were soon devastated when we learned it was an ectopic pregnancy.”

Once a woman experiences an ectopic pregnancy, her perspective of pregnancy is forever changed. The excitement of a positive pregnancy test can be quickly transformed to fear.

Doctors find that adhesions in or around the fallopian tubes can lead to ectopic pregnancies. After Savannah’s ectopic pregnancy, she underwent diagnostic laparoscopic surgery and her doctor found adhesions around her ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Her doctor removed what adhesions he could. Although Savannah trusted the hands of her doctor, she was still fearful that another ectopic pregnancy might occur.

While a surgeon can remove many adhesions, she or he may be unable to access or cut areas that would impair fertility. Furthermore, adhesions frequently re-grow as a direct result of the surgery.

Savannah told us, “I wanted to do everything I could to reduce adhesions and avoid another ectopic pregnancy.” She found our clinic and underwent our 20-hour treatment program. The day she returned home, Savannah became pregnant. Her ultrasound later showed her pregnancy was progressing as normal. Nine months later, she gave birth to a beautiful boy. Remarkably, she went on to have a second son.

Women shouldn’t have to fear another ectopic pregnancy due to adhesions. Learn more about treatment for adhesions and infertility page.

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