Dr. Amanda Rice

Dr. Amanda Rice

Clear Passage affiliation:
  • Research Director, study design
  • A primary author of several studies on Clear Passage
  • Board of Advisors member

With a doctorate in Medical Sciences, two postdoctoral appointments, and over a decade of work as a researcher and instructor at the University of Florida College of Medicine, Dr. Rice is the consummate clinical researcher. Her wide range of expertise includes examining the latest studies in the field of effective therapies, creating science-based analyses of our work, gathering and collating patient data, and applying bio-statistical analysis to her findings.

Over the last 15 years, Dr. Rice has become increasingly fascinated with the body’s self-healing mechanisms, and with non-surgical and alternative methods of healing. She felt that many natural and less invasive techniques could be as effective as common medical procedures, without the associated risks or costs. With her strong scientific background and her interest in less invasive techniques of healing, she is perfectly suited to design and conduct research on Clear Passage’s unique manual therapy, the Wurn Technique®.

“It’s a perfect setting for me,” she says. “As an onsite scientist, I get to meet the patients, build data sets with the therapists, and analyze data in order to evaluate the treatment for different medical conditions, many of which are not addressed effectively by mainstream medicine. This is a scientist’s dream position — to be at the forefront of a cutting-edge therapy while witnessing the improvements for the patients and the end of their suffering.”


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