Dr. Bernhard Klingenberg

Dr. Bernhard Klingenberg

Clear Passage affiliation:
  • Biostatistician
  • Study Design and Analysis
  • Frequent Co-author of Studies

Academic history and affiliations:

  • University of Florida: PhD in Statistics (1999 – 2004)
  • Professor of Statistics at Williams College (2004 – present)
  • Professor in the Graduate Data Science Program, New College of Florida

Biography, posts:

Dr. Bernhard Klingenberg is an integral part of the research team at Clear Passage Physical Therapy. He provides study design and statistical analysis for the group’s studies in the planning and the analysis stages. Dr. Klingenberg is dedicated to ensuring the scientific validity of the research conducted by Clear Passage into non-surgical, drug-free treatment of adhesions and chronic pain, female infertility and bowel obstruction.

Dr. Klingenberg received his Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Florida and currently is associate professor of statistics at Williams College where he teaches courses in both introductory and advanced statistics. His research focuses on categorical data analysis, especially on the problem of multiple comparisons, simultaneous inference and meta-analysis. Throughout his career, Dr. Klingenberg has provided statistical consulting to academia and businesses, including collaborations with medical universities and energy companies.

Selected Publications:

  • Rice, A.D., Patterson, K., Reed, E.D., Wurn, B.F., Klingenberg, B., King III, C.R., & Wurn, L.W. (2016). Treating small bowel obstruction with a manual physical therapy: A prospective efficacy study. BioMed Research International, 2016: 7610387. doi: 10.1155/2016/7610387
  • Klingenberg, B. and Satopaa, V. (2013), “Simultaneous confidence intervals for comparing margins of multivariate binary data”, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, in press.
  • Klingenberg, B. (2012), “Simultaneous score bounds for risk differences in multiple comparison to a control”, Computational Statistics & Data Analysis (56), 1079-1089.
  • Klingenberg, B. (2010), “Simultaneous confidence bounds for relative risks in multiple comparisons to control “, Statistics in Medicine (29), 3232-3244.
  • Klingenberg, B. (2009), “Proof of Concept and dose estimation with binary responses under model uncertainty”, Statistics in Medicine (28), 274-292.
  • Klingenberg, B. (2008), “Dose-Response Modelling with Bivariate Binary Data under Model Uncertainty”, Proceedings of the 23rd International Workshop on Statistical Modelling, Utrecht, 297-302.
  • Klingenberg, B., Solari, A., Salmaso, L. and Pesarin, F. (2008) “Testing Marginal Homogeneity against Stochastic Order in Multivariate Ordinal Data”, Biometrics (65), 452-462.
  • Klingenberg, B. (2008), “Regression Models for Binary Time Series with Gaps”, Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (52), 4076-4090.
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