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How Long Does a Bowel Obstruction Last?

If you or a loved one is experiencing small bowel obstruction for the first time, your mind is likely racing with questions about what can be done to manage the condition, how long it lasts, how doctors can help, and more.

How long does a bowel obstruction last and what does treatment involve?

If hospitalized, the patient will generally receive a nasogastric (NG) tube through the nose and into the stomach to relieve pressure. Physicians then place a PICC line into a vein to draw blood, or to give the patient nutrition, pain medications, etc. If the obstruction does not clear on its own, the medical team will generally recommend open surgery as the primary method to clear the obstructions.

Unfortunately, for many of our patients, bowel obstruction is a recurring event — particularly for those who have had one or more surgeries to clear the obstruction. While surgery can successfully remove existing adhesions, it does not prevent adhesions from forming as the body heals from the latest surgery. Thus, many patients have described feeling trapped in an endless cycle of “adhesions – surgery – adhesions.”

Clear Passage Physical Therapy is a world leader in the non-surgical treatment of bowel obstruction. Our therapists decrease the adhesions that cause bowel obstruction and help patients put an end to the “adhesions – surgery – adhesions” cycle.

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