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Bowel Obstruction

Controlled Study shows the odds of a:

  • Repeat Total Bowel Obstruction 
  • Repeat Partial Bowel Obstruction, and
  • Repeat Surgery – with and Without Clear Passage® therapy.

Reliability of the Data

Controlled studies are a ‘gold standard’ – a highly reliable source of scientific results. In a controlled study, scientists can compare results of patients who received a certain therapy (the Treatment Group) with those who received no therapy (the Control Group). The larger each group, the more credible the results. Credibility increases in a Phase 2 study – one that examines over 100 people in each group.

A Phase 2 Controlled Study examining our results was co-authored by physicians from Harvard, Stanford, George Washington and other medical schools was published in the prestigious World Journal of Gastroenterology. That study yielded credible scientific results (shown below) for each of the above areas when examining 239 patients reporting recurring small bowel obstructions. In that study, 103 Treatment Group patients received Clear Passage therapy and 136 Control patients received no therapy. Results were as follows:

Repeat Total Bowel Obstructions

  • No Therapy 14.52% had another Total Bowel Obstruction
  • Clear Passage® Therapy   0.97% had another Total Bowel Obstruction
  • P-value: (p=0.0003)

Partial Bowel Obstructions

  • No Therapy 21.77% had another Partial Bowel Obstruction
  • Clear Passage® Therapy   8.74% had another Partial Bowel Obstruction
  • P-value: (p=0.0003)

Repeat Surgeries

  • No Therapy   5.65% had another Bowel Obstruction Surgery
  • Clear Passage® Therapy   1.94% had another Bowel Obstruction Surgery
  • P-value: (p=0.0003)

The study also measured several domains of ‘Quality of Life’ after therapy. Results showed that diet, pain, gastrointestinal symptoms, quality of life (QOL) and pain severity were significantly improved (P < 0.0001) for those who received Clear Passage® treatment.

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